En Riktig Øl Hazy IPA (44cl)

En Riktig Øl means A Real Beer in Swedish, with a Norwegian Ö.

Visually, this is a hazy beer with a color of around 8 EBC.

The nose picks up various citrus and tropical fruits depending on the temperature of the beer. Serving temperature 7°C-10°C, aromas evolve while drinking, up to 18°C.

The malt base is light pilsner, well supported by vienna malt and made more interesting with a special mix of rye. The beer is in the end quite dry with a final specific gravity of 1.010.

Citra, Mosaic and Eldorado are used for a proper hoppiness without strong bitterness.

An English type of yeast has been used to lift up the fruity and juicy attributes of the beer.

44cl – ALK 6,9% TIL -%


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